The Bottom Line Series

Bad Bosses Don't Like Feedback

Bad Bosses have something in common – they hate receiving feedback, especially about themselves. They don’t mind dishing it out, however. If you rarely seek feedback from the people that work for you, your boss, or your colleagues, you are only making things harder on yourself. Sitting right outside of your office is a goldmine of knowledge that you can use to help improve your leadership skills, and make life easier for you as the boss. Read more >

How Fear Prevents Change

When people talk about fear in the workplace they are not talking about the same scary feeling you get when watching a horror film. The fear I’m referring to occurs in the workplace and it certainly creates a feeling. Read more >

A Dose of Reality

How can learning about reality help you become a more effective leader? Well, reality is about perspective and seeing things from all sides. Take a moment to look at the screen you are using to read this article. You see it only from your vantage point. In reality, there are a multitude of vantage points to view your screen. Read more >

Being A Bad Boss is Hard

Hey, Bad Boss, take a moment to think about what you are doing to your department, or your division, or your company. Bad Boss behavior is actually making your life, as boss, more difficult. I know you are probably thinking that you got to be the boss by treating people the way you do. Read more >

Why Treat People Fair?

Treating people fairly is essential to getting the most out of people. Not only is treating people fair the right thing to do, it makes good business sense. Read more >