Good Boss Benefits

What are the benefits of being a Good Boss?

If you are fortunate to be working or have worked for a Good Boss, then you know how it feels to come to a stress-less workplace. Although you may have stress from the work you do, you do not have the emotional stress that comes with dealing with a Bad Boss. Information flows more smoothly. Everyone seems to be in sync, and everyone works well together as a team. Also, there is something unique in the air, but you might not be able to put your finger on it. Likely, it is the culture that you are sensing, and it drives much of the Good Boss behavior that you are experiencing. Besides the warm and fuzzy feelings from working in this type of environment, there are real measurable benefits from practicing Good Boss behavior. Here are some of them.

How Learning About Reality Can Make You A Better Leader

How can learning about reality help you become a more effective leader? Reality is about perspective and seeing things from all sides.  Since you are the leader it is your responsibility to get the truest picture possible so you can make the best possible decision. Bad Bosses look at things from minimal perspectives. They do not want to be bothered by other perspectives because it might challenge their beliefs.

Understanding Motivation

Very few people in this world have the luxury of working for fun. Most of us work in order to pay the bills that provide food, shelter, and occasional recreation. We work to survive. We work because we have no choice. Depending on your personal situation, not working would cause many to wind up on the streets, losing their homes, their families, and their friends – and some do. Since we really have no other alternative, 


How Fear Prevents Change

Fear causes information hoarding, reporting wrong figures, inhibited suggestions, reduced contributions, increased alienation, mistrust, and anxiety.Fear is the Great Wall of Change. When people become afraid to contribute and participate in a company, change is nearly impossible.

  • What causes fear?
  • Why does fear prevent change?
  • How can we identify its existence?
  • What can we do about it?

Better Boss - Challenge and Growth

Money is not the prime motivator for most people with a career. Challenge and personal growth play a major role in how people view their career and how they feel about themselves both personally and professionally.  But how does an individual’s feelings about challenge and growth impact the operational effectiveness of an organization?  How can you recognize when this is happening?  What can be done about improving or leveraging those feelings?  I will address each of these questions in this section.  First, let’s briefly define what is meant by challenge and growth.

Better Boss - Involvement

People like to feel they are involved in and contributing to their company. When we don’t feel personally involved in the company we work for, most of us feel disconnected. Large company or small company the feelings are the same. The feeling that our ideas and suggestions are not that important makes us feel dejected or unwanted. And the feelings you have when you are not included in decisions can be profound. Lack of involvement can be a significant contributor to reduced enthusiasm and overall happiness at work. Morale decreases, motivation decreases...

Why Won't People Work Harder? - Try This

The frustrations of being a leader are many. How do I get people to do what I want? Why won’t people just work harder? What can I do to make people care about what they do? How do I guide this company to a better future?  How do I stop infighting between people or departments? And the list goes on and on. As a leader, you just want to come to work and get the job done. But it seems there are too many “people” problems to deal with that cause distractions.

Inspired by Coach Mac

Getting Things Done By Doing The Right Things

Some of you may have watched the TV series Friday Night Lights. I happen to enjoy this show, but not because of the reasons you might think. Aside from the compelling storylines and positive message of each program, I like it because it’s about a high school football coach.  You see, my father-in-law was a high school football coach as well.  You’ve probably never heard of him, but you may have heard of the town in which he coached – Eureka, IL. He also coached the football team for Eureka College, President Ronald Regan’s alma mater. His name is Warner McCollum and they called him Coach Mac.