News Flash: Bad Bosses Don't Like Feedback

Bad Bosses have something in common – they hate receiving feedback, especially about themselves. They don’t mind dishing it out, however. If you rarely seek feedback from the people that work for you, your boss, or your colleagues, you are only making things harder on yourself. Sitting right outside of your office is a goldmine of knowledge that you can use to help improve your leadership skills, and make life easier for you as the boss.

Focus On The System NOT The People

Everything we do, from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, contributes to a complex system.  When you go to the grocery store, for instance, and buy a loaf of bread, you are only one part of a system.  Your contribution came at the tail end of the system.  Before buying that loaf of bread, a lot had to happen.  Flour was shipped to the bread maker; dough was created, baked, cooled, and sliced.  It was packaged, stacked, boxed, and shipped.  It was delivered to the grocery store...

Taking Responsibility For The Success AND Failures Of Your Team

...when the leaders in the company take full responsibility for the failures in the company, they begin to act like true leaders.  Anyone can blame people for mistakes, but true leaders take responsibility and initiate action to make corrections and improvements.  Some argue that they do not have control over everyone in the company, and that they can’t be responsible for someone that does not perform or has a poor attitude.  They say, “Is it my fault that Sally won’t do as she is told?”  Or, “Should I be responsible for John whose sales keep declining?”  The answer is a resounding…